Lockabox: A Must-Have Lockable Storage Solution For Busy Workplaces

lockable storage solution

Lockabox is a lockable and secure solution to personal storage within the workplace. Our products allow employees to keep everyday items safe and secure, even whilst they are away from their desks – providing reassurance and peace of mind! Lockabox – Lockable storage within the workplace Employees like to bring all kinds of paraphernalia to…

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How Our Lockable Medicine Box Can Help Carers

Medicine Safe - medicine storage for carers medicine lockable box

Caring for an elderly relative at home although rewarding can be a greatly difficult task and can bring with it lots of worry for the sole carer. One of the main worries is ensuring the elderly patients medicine is securely stored away so that they can not access the contents and potentially cause themselves harm.…

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The Perfect Portable Locker: Lockabox vs Lockers

portable locker - alternative to lockers

Many of us head to some from of workplace each day. Whether you look forward to the moment you step foot through the door of the office, or whether you loathe the sound of your alarm on a workday, we all can have one thing in common. We want to keep our valuables safe and…

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Medical Safe Box – Keeping Medication Safe at Home

Why would you need a medical safe box? Many people get to a stage in their lives where they need to keep medication safe at home. It might be because there are ongoing health issues that need to be supported by prescribed medication. It could be that children you care for, or elderly relatives have…

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Using a Lockable Box to Promote Good Habits at Home

Lockable box promoting good habits

How can our home safe box help you to create healthy habits in the home? Well, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it takes some planning and preparing. When you have things in place to make being healthier easier, then it is much simpler to be able to make a healthy choice, and…

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