Lockabox Creating Positive Change

Locked Storage box for positive change | treat box or phone detox

We all need some positivity going into 2021 after the difficult and unprecedented times that 2020 brought. Here at Lockabox we can help you to create positive changes. The Lockabox One is highly versatile due to its simple yet premium quality design. This versatility allows the Lockbox One to be used for an array of…

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Lockabox: The Must-Have Fridge Safe

Crystal fridge safe with combination lock in fridge

We have all experienced going to the fridge to grab that snack you have fancied all day and boom…it’s gone! Let’s be honest, the fury is unimaginable. Do you have mice? Ones that are particularly drawn to Dairy Milk Chocolate…Unlikely! What is more likely is that you have a fridge raider, someone who despite all…

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Why Our Lockabox One is a Must-Have This Christmas

Lockabox One Christmas | storage box with lock - combination lock box

Everyone needs a Lockabox One in their ho-ho-home this Christmas! 2020 has been a year of uncertainty and undoubtedly difficult times. With Father Christmas in a mask, no board games, and cancelled office parties, the lockdown has made us re-evaluate what we are really asking for from Father Christmas. We are suggesting you shake up…

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