The Rise of Person Centered Care in Care Homes

Person centered care | lockable medicine box for care homes

The social care institute for excellence states that person-centered and relationship centered care and support should be at the heart of the service offered by residential care homes (, 2019). This is in line with the government’s aim of rolling out NHS personalised care to 2.5 million people by 2023/24 (NHS). Personalisation means starting with…

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Is House-Sharing the New Buying? If So, You Need Our Home Safe Box!

Lockable box in fridge keeping fizzy drinks safe from other house mates

No longer is house-sharing reserved for university students and those moving to a city for first-time jobs. With house prices rising daily, house-sharing has become an option for more and more people, with the average age of co-living tenants now sitting at 28.2 years (BuyAssociation, 2020), an increase of 5 years compared to findings in…

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Hygienic Lockable Box for Workplace PPE

Medical grade lock box being used as storage to keep PPE in hygienic environment

Going back to work after working from home for the past year is going to take some getting used to for all of us. Not only have we replaced our work trousers with our favourite pyjamas, but we also haven’t been able to be within two meters of someone for almost a year, which some…

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Lockable storage – Storage Box for Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning | storage box

With the rise of home and cleaning accounts on Instagram, if you haven’t been inspired to get your spring clean on then you are missing out! Alongside the traditional cleaning product must-haves, we think our lockable storage solution can help you achieve your tidy home dreams. Making spring cleaning that little easier by adding some…

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Lockable food box – An Essential For Any Student!

Pink lockable food safe on kitchen shelf

Our lockable food box is a must have for all students…let us tell you why! Starting university brings with it for many the first time living away from your parents, with new housemates who you hope will eventually become friends. The first year of university is often known for partying, freedom, and many many hangovers…

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Why Our Personal Safe is a Must-Have When Working From Home

Lockabox one crytsal with phones and tech locked away on desk

Why do you need a personal safe, to have your very own desk locker? Well, Coronavirus has changed every aspect of our normal working life and the routine that came with it, with many of us now finding ourselves working from home. Working from home is at times difficult for everyone, this has only been…

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Decluttering Your Fridge with Our Lockable Food Container!

Crystal Lockabox one in fridge containing chocolate and sweets

When was the last time you had a fridge declutter? If the thought of this chore fills you with dread it is probably about time you got those cleaning cloths out and gave your fridge some TLC! Here are our top tips and how our lockable food storage container can help… We’ve all been there,…

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